1. To open a retail dealership, whom should I contact and what is the procedure?

Phone number: 02773 870 660
Email: hotro@vietnga.vn
Address: 710 Nguyen Hue, My Phu Ward, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province.

Please reach out to the Sales Department for further details and information regarding the process of opening a retail dealership. They will guide you through the specific procedures and requirements.

2. Which are the main fertilizer transportations of Viet Nga Group?

Viet Nga Group will be transported by either trucks or ships, depending on the scale, distance of delivery, and specific requirements of each order.

3. Which fertilizer lines are Vietnam Nga currently trading?

Currently, Viet Nga offers over 200 fertilizer products with a wide variety of types. In addition to the conventional NPK groups, Viet Nga also focuses on producing specialized products for different types of crops, such as premium NPK, premium DAP, etc., ensuring the nutritional needs of plants are met with appropriate ratios.

4. I am a farmer and I want to buy Viet Nga fertilizer, where can I buy it?

Currently, Viet Nga does not sell fertilizer directly to customers but through retail agents.

We invite you to contact our hotline: 02778 55 66 77 for advice and connect with the nearest retail agent.

5. What is Viet Nga specialized fertilizer?

Viet Nga's specialized fertilizers are researched and produced to provide appropriate nutrition for different types of crops and soil conditions.