Privacy Policy

Viet Nga Group JSC understands the importance of and respects visitors’ right to personal information security (“Information”) to the website The Privacy Policy will provide an overview of the purpose of information collection; the scope and method of information collection; the scope of use, subjects of access, information storage time; third-party links and products on the website; information security commitment; the rights and responsibilities of users; information and contact methods are specified in this policy.

This policy applies when users access, meaning that users agree to the terms that Viet Nga Group JSC stipulates in this policy (including supplements and modifications at each time).

I. Scope of information use

Viet Nga Group JSC may adjust this policy depending on the situation and security needs. Users should regularly check the Policy Information for the latest website updates.

Viet Nga Group JSC mainly collects User Information for the following purposes:

Maintain contact with users, and answer user questions related to the Services of Viet Nga Group JSC;

Send introductory letters, thank-you letters;

Notify users of promotional and advertising information or for direct marketing purposes.

Evaluate and analyze the Viet Nga Group JSC’s market, customers, and Services.

Viet Nga Group JSC collects information to serve the purpose of improving service quality, such as:

Identifying visitors to the website of Viet Nga Group JSC;

Analyze and optimize the websites of Viet Nga Group JSC;

Other content that Viet Nga Group JSC is allowed to use is information consistent with the law’s provisions.

II. Scope of information collection

1. User information that Viet Nga Group JSC will collect includes:

a) Name;

b) Phone number;

c) Email;

d) Address;

2. For each collection purpose, depending on the time, Viet Nga Group JSC Joint Stock Company may require users to provide additional information to ensure the user’s use or to ensure clear and convenient communication between Viet Nga Group JSC and users.

3. Regarding the scope of information collection mentioned in this policy, users can provide or refuse to give information to Viet Nga Group JSC.

III. Data retention period

Users’ data will be stored until there is a request for cancellation from the customer. In all cases, the servers of the website will keep the personal information of members.

Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information:

Address: No. 710, Nguyen Hue Street, My Phu Ward, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province

Phone: 02778 55 66 77


IV. Means and tools for users to access and edit personal data

Users have the right to check, update, and adjust their personal information by logging in to their account and editing their private information or requesting the website administrator of to do so.

Users have the right to file a complaint about disclosing personal information to third parties to the website administrator of Upon receiving this feedback, the website administrator must confirm the news, be responsible for providing reasons, and guide users to restore and secure their information.

V. Commitment to customer information security

Users’ personal information on is committed to absolute confidentiality according to the privacy policy of Each member’s data collection and use are only carried out with the user’s consent, except in cases with other legal provisions.

No use, transfer, provision, or disclosure of a member’s personal information to any third party without the member’s consent.

Suppose the server storing personal information is hacked, leading to the loss of personal data, will be responsible for promptly notifying the competent authorities for investigation and handling and notifying the member.

Absolute security for all online transaction information of members, including digital invoices and documents, in the safe central data area of

VI. Procedure for handling complaints related to customer personal information

Members on the website have the right to file complaints about issues related to personal information on the Viet Nga Group JSC website to the Website Administration through:

Phone: 02778 55 66 77

Or email:

Upon receiving the complaint, the Website Administration is immediately responsible for checking the status of the user’s information that is being complained about, identifying the cause, and finding solutions. If necessary, Viet Nga may use cybersecurity services for support.

The Website Administration is responsible for responding to the complainant with the results of the complaint resolution within 30 days of receiving the complaint.

Suppose the complaint resolution shows that the error belongs to the Website Administration. In that case, they are obliged to compensate the complainant for any damages caused by violating commitments regarding the security of customer personal information.